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TNGHT Releases First Single in Six Years

After more than half a decade since leaving us with their 2013 single “Acrylics,” TNGHT released their new single “Serpent” along with a visually engaging music video to accompany it in its release.

TNGHT – Serpent

“Serpent” is minimally lyrical with eerie, dark vibes to it and cryptic images/videography in the music video which continues some patterns from their last single, “Acrylics.” The sound has definitely shifted but nonetheless still clearly TNGHT’s coined harmony. At about 30 seconds in, the entire beat of the song changes and intensifies as the song continues, integrating more and more dimension to the sound platform as listeners play the song.

TNGHT is composed of two talented artists, Hudson Mohawke and Canadian producer Lunice. Before the duo reunited, new releases from either individual artist have not been seen in recent years. A TNGHT tour has been hinted at recently on Lunice’s social media platforms so keep your eyes on this duo!

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