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Minnesota’s Latest is Ready for You to ‘Devour’

It’s not often we get to hear tracks that truly break genres norms. Most producers tend to stick to a recognizable sound and style, but not Minnesota. The Northern California based artist has been giving us some of the most unique tracks in bass music since 2010 and now, ten years later, he’s still going full speed ahead. Just a few months ago he released his highly successful single, Too Faced, which combined rap with heavy freeform bass, and on January 23, he released yet another hit, “Devour”. 

As his first release in 2020, “Devour”, doesn’t hold anything back. Minnesota did an incredible job combining the darker side of bass music with a more melodic, gentle sound. “Devour” begins with a trippy, slightly distorted guitar-like melody that gives the song a truly organic feel. Pads shimmer in the background as a gentle riser builds up the tension. Out of nowhere, a liquid bass flows alongside slow trap percussion and glitch-hop inspired elements push the energy forward. Minnesota has perfected the ability to combine two, often opposing elements and “Devour” is yet another example of this. The song effortlessly switches between guitar, experimental bass, glitch hop, and atmospheric breaks, transporting the listener to a new, alien world.

You can catch Minnesota at Crescent Ballroom on February 20th. Grab tickets here!

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