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Dabin drops emotional acoustic version of ‘Alive’ from his album Wild Youth

Dabin is making his highly-anticipated return with an acoustic version of ‘Alive’, the lead single off of his 2019 sophomore album ‘Wild Youth’. Released at the beginning of February 2019, the extremely successful fan-favorite featuring singer/songwriter RUNN was ripe for a makeover. The tune directly follows Dabin’s recently-dropped track ‘Hope It Hurts’, as well as RUNN’s recently released solo efforts. Out now on Seeking Blue Records, the new acoustic ‘Alive’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

A quintessential melodic masterpiece, Dabin’s original production of ‘Alive’ begins with a sultry, textured vocal courtesy of RUNN, who manages to effortlessly instill a sense of emotive sonic profundity in each palpably resonant lyric she gracefully sings throughout the track’s entirety. Soaring buildups and energetic, heart-fluttering bass drops characterize much of Dabin’s initial version, which currently sits at over 5 million Spotify streams, serving as one of his most successful songs on the platform from his 2019 ‘Wild Youth’ album.

Taking things in a much different direction, the latest rendition features subtle piano chords that start off the nearly six-minute acoustic offering, carrying throughout much of its beginning before RUNN’s soft-spoken vocal delicately trickles in. Various instrumentation can be heard, flawlessly fleshing out the tune whilst serving as a prime accompaniment to the smooth singing. In all, the rich intonations in her voice mesh perfectly with the present acoustic element. Dabin has opted for a flowing, melodious re-interpretation of his impeccably groundbreaking hit ‘Alive’, in turn producing a shimmering, fresh new take that truly elevates all the great aspects of what makes its source material so appealing.

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