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Electronic Love Odyssey: A Story Told Through 5 Songs

The reason why I love electronic music is that not only can the lyrics deliver an emotional message, but the landscape of sounds in the drop can be just as effective in conveying emotional impact to the listener. I wanted to tell a story of falling in love through these five songs, and while I genuinely believe that you can associate any story or emotion with any song you choose (one of the best things about electronic music), these are the thoughts and narratives that come to mind while listening to these special tracks.

“Waiting for Love” by ARMNHMR, neverwaves

This song is for those who might be weary of waiting, tired of failed relationships, and are contemplating giving up on the notion of love. This track reminds me that although waiting can be tiresome and painful, it eventually becomes worthwhile. The line “All we really gotta do is not give up” speaks to the heart and the depth of the lyrics. Coupled with an incredible and soaring future bass drop, this track is sure to bring tears.

“Riptide” by Trivecta, Amidy, Roxanne Emery

Commencing with a captivating chord progression that captivates the listener’s emotions, “Riptide” is a song for those who are falling in love and for those who are diving into a relationship despite fears, as love has that kind of power. “Your waves are pulling me under” beautifully captures what love can do; however, this is merely the beginning of something beautiful.

“First Time” by Seven Lions, Slander, Dabin, Dylan Matthew

“First Time” beautifully captures the emotions experienced during the early stages of a relationship, making it an incredible portrayal of falling in love. The line “feels like we’re falling for the first time” brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, and fortunately, it’s a timeless classic that frequently graces live shows. The second buildup masterfully adds emotion to the song, opening with beautiful chord progressions at the 3-minute 33-second mark, filling the listener’s heart with emotions as Dylan Matthew’s captivating voice elevates the song to new heights.

“Better Than Heaven” by Slander, Jason Ross, JT Roach

Making a second appearance on this list, Slander, along with Jason Ross and JT Roach, continues to elicit powerful emotions with this beautifully produced track. “What if I was something better than heaven?” is a hopeful sentiment suggesting that this beautiful relationship will endure the test of time. The buildups are utterly ethereal, culminating in a melodic bass drop with enchanting counter melodies that transport the listener to a realm of happiness.

“After You” by Gryffin, Jason Ross, Calle Lehmann

Concluding this love story, “After You” serves as a reflection of how much has transformed since the beginning of the relationship. How different your emotions are, how different life is, how different you are.  And how much better is it.  “I’m not the same, not after you”, while simple, is an emotional packed statement, and one that brings tears of happiness. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story of love told through five songs, and just know that you can put any meaning behind any song, as long as it’s true to you.

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