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I Play Favorites. Sorry.

I know it’s a little premature to start saying this sort of thing, but I’m going to be the worst grandfather ever. Not even joking, spoiling your grandchildren is a major tenet of being a grandpa and the other golden rule of grandparenting is to never pick a favorite. I was one of a crap ton of grand kids and besides always hooking us up with stuff, my grandparents never ever picked a favorite.

Pregame @ Lincoln Fi with 3 of the Cousins

So under the qualifications that I just outlined, I would completely suck. Maybe I am a little young to be thinking about this, but I always have a favorite. If I was watching two different types of grass grow, you can know your boy would probably have money on one of them. Now when it comes to music and artists, I am no different. There are tons of reasons why I don’t like certain artists, and not a lot of reasons why I like the ones that I do (most important reason being, they are chill, duh).

That said, without a doubt my favorite DJ hands down in the world is my boy Diplo, an example of Philly’s finest. One of the only true rockstars in the dance music scene, Diplo lives large and parties harder. You’ve seen him doing his thing in the BlackBerry commercial and it is almost cool enough to make me want to buy one of those antiques. But getting down to what makes Wes (Diplo) unique is unmistakable heavy bass drops and his strong hip hop & reggae influences.

BlackBerry is in a Diplo Commercial

Beyond all that, after going to college at Temple in 2003, the dude reps and breathes Philadelphia like a true boss. On his rise to stardom he even held a job as a teacher in a Philly school. Like for real, imagine your 6th grade teacher turned in Diplo. Would you be a fan? Or would it be kind of weird the guy who taught you about Rosa Parks is tweeting pictures of naked women at 3 in the morning? (for real though, follow his twitter. not even messin around)

Always homie!

Regardless of what you think, Diplo is leading the charge of electronic DJs collaborating with mainstream artists. In the case of David Guetta, I called it selling out. For Diplo, I call it changing the world of dance music. What separates the two is that Wes has remained faithful to his own sound in the process of working with other artists, creating something that is distinctly Diplo but also whoever he is working with. If you haven’t already heard it, Climax produced by Diplo for Usher is unbelievably hot. I know its old man Usher but give this jam a listen and you’ll understand that this wasn’t made for the kids.

User – Climax (Produced by Diplo)

If that isn’t enough to sell you on Philadelphia’s most famous DJ, then hopefully this brand new track that came out a few days ago will. This remix of Katy B’s “Witches Brew”. I don’t like to tell people to get stoked for a certain point in a song, but seriously when the bass drops :56 seconds in, your gunna hear pure Diplo fire. Song of the week? Yup.

Katy B – Witches Brew (Diplo Remix)

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