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Tiësto Partners With AKG On New Headphone Line

Beats by … Tiësto? If you’re a true fan of EDM, chances are you’ve blown out the speakers in at least two sets of your headphones at one point or another.  Most headphones just aren’t built to handle the pounding bass that EDM has to offer.

Thankfully, Tiësto has finally put an end to this “first-world” problem by creating “club sound wherever you go.”  The world-renowned DJ/producer partnered with AKG in designing headphones equipped to handle the sounds of the club.  As of now, the series handles three different options for professional quality headphones:

K67 TIËSTO: High-performance headphones, on-ear, powerful 40mm speaker, closed-back

K167 TIËSTO: Professional headphones, over-ear, 40mm speaker, closed-back

Both of the above options are available for purchase now.  The third option will be released within the next couple of weeks:

K267 TIËSTO: Reference headphones, over-ear, 50mm speakers, closed-back

“I’ve been really closely involved with every element of the headphones, from the sound quality to the look and feel,” Tiësto said about his new line.

Tiesto by AKG Teaser

Tiësto’s been using the headphones over the last six months or so in order to truly perfect the sound with the help of AKG.  Finally, a solution for EDM listeners all around the globe!

For more information about the headphones and their availability, visit

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