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Richard Durand Takes On The World

Superheroes might not be real, but Richard Durand certainly may be and he intends to prove his status as someone with superhuman abilities inside a producer’s studio. “Richard Durand Versus The World” exhibits the Dutch DJs versatility in the all-inclusive EDM genre.

During his explorations “In Search of Sunrise”, Durand traveled the world, finding different sounds and meeting a class of DJs that have helped add their flare to individual Durand tracks on the album. 5 continents were bridged to create the epic piano riff for “In Control”, the progressive melody in “Take Your Time” and the experimental trance of “Devils Inside”, along with many others.

Richard Durand vs. The World Album Teaser

Many of these producers were discovered through The “Richard Durand versus the World” contest, in which Durand traveled to all corners of the earth searching the next big name in EDM.

“As I fly around the planet I meet a lot of other DJ/producers and we very often end up discussing production collaborations,” Durand said. “‘Richard Durand Versus The World’ is where the talking stopped and the music began! It was among the most satisfying aspects of this album to be able to work with some of my personal favorites in their studios, dotted around the world. The results are tracks that travel in musical directions that otherwise I might have not.”

Watch Video from Paul Oakenfold’s Relentless Beach Performance

This album is as much an exhibition of Richard Durand as it is of the DJs influencing the collabs they helped with. Names on the album include Paul Oakenfold, Bobina, tyDi, Heatbeat and Protoculture.

“This year has been about finding tomorrow’s EDM heroes today” Durand explained. “Through both this album’s regional contests and the ‘mix a disc for In Search of Sunrise: 10’, I think we’ve introduced some real talent. I hope these prove to be their first steps on the journey to EDM greatness! Time will tell!”

And Richard Durand with his super DJs have helped built a show stopping, progressive trance masterpiece, which will no doubt be finding it’s way into sets in the near future.

‘Richard Durand Versus The World’ released on Magik Muzik on November 19, 2012. Tracklist below.

1. In Control (Intro) (1:25)
2. Take Your Time (featuring Denis Sender) (4:55)
3. Crashed (with Paul Oakenfold) (5:20)
4. Stand Again (featuring Leah) (4:55)
5. Free Fall (featuring Stefan Viljoen) (4:40)
6. Loose Unit (with tyDi) (5:02)
7. Pleasure (with Protoculture) (5:31)
8. Zoom (5:06)
9. Sequence (3:56)
10. Last Train To Moscow (with Bobina) (6:22)
11. Devils Inside (with Heatbeat) (5:22)
12. Trancefusion (5:49)
13. Veda (featuring Progressive Brothers) (4:36)
14. Chopstick (5:56)
15. Signs (featuring Huge Euge) (4:25)

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