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Some Remixed. Some Extended. An Interview with Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux brought us “Burning” and “Teenage Crime”, and rather than pumping out a new set of tracks, he went back to the studio to remix and extend some of his already successful beats. On the new release he showcases names like Feenixpawl, Ken Loi, Avicii, The Good Natured, Lune, and many more. He does have some new tracks, but wanted to focus on remixing and extending what he already had available. It worked, and he is on the road promoting this new release. He will be stopping by Wild Knight on the 28th, and promises to play some of those new tracks. Before he shows up, I sat down with Adrian to discuss the new release and what he thinks of playing in the Valley of the Sun.

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Ricky Lee Potts: You recently released Some Remixed And Some Extended. Is this tour to support the new release? Any reason you decided to remix/extend your current material rather than produce new tracks?

Adrian Lux: Well, there where a lot of new remixes I had that my friends had made. I already made the extended edits so I just felt it was good to get that version of the album out! But I never stopped producing, I have been making new songs the whole year!

Adrian Lux – Burning (Official Video)

RLP: You are going to be in Arizona on November 28th. Got anything big planned for that show?

AL: I will definitely play some of my new songs and remixes. You never know what happens when you stand there!

RLP: Tell me a little bit more about your relationship with Ultra Records.

AL: It’s a healthy one. We work together towards new areas all the time, trying to cover all the fronts! We are in contact everyday. There is always something that needs to be decided.

RLP: How did the #luxlove hashtag get started?

AL: It was something that came up to involve the fans on Instagram more, the LuxLove is a continuing thing on Lux Like!

RLP: Your real name is Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne. Where did the “Lux” come from?

AL: Its inspired from a movie that I really like, but I basically just thought that it sounded nice!

RLP: “Can’t Sleep” was featured in a video game. Did EA send you a copy of the game? What is your favorite futbol team?

AL: (Laughs.) No, they actually didn’t. I don’t have a team at the moment, but I’m a fan of Zlatan; he is really something else!

RLP: The last time you were in Scottsdale was back in February. You have seen a lot of success since then. Did you ever expect to have such an incredible 2012?

AL: I could never imagine to get to tour this much. I have been on tour all year! I really love playing records, so it’s just a good place to be for me.

RLP: Your self-titled debut album dropped earlier this year. Will we be seeing a new release from you in 2013? Are you in the studio working on anything right now?

AL: Yes, I have some new material ready to go soon. I’m very exited about this!!!

RLP: You are back at Wild Knight. Do you like working with the guys at Relentless Beats? What do you think of the club?

AL: Yes, very nice people and very nice atmosphere!!!

Adrian Lux – Wildheart (Extended)

RLP: There are a lot of EDM festivals out there, but Identity Festival is a pretty big one. You were on that tour. How many stops did you do on the tour? Do you prefer playing festivals or smaller club gigs like at Wild Knight?

AL: I did five. It was amazing and I made a lot of new friends like Eric Prydz, Audrey Napoleon, Arty, lot of nice people on the tour! It’s hard to compare festivals with clubs. They are both great in different ways.

RLP: What’s next for Adrian Lux?

AL: I’m finishing the new material which is big for me, but I’m also taking my drivers license!

Adrian Lux is back at Wild Knight for GIANT Wednesday on November 21, 2012. More info and tickets including a special guestlist offer available here.

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