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Loving Mat Zo & Porter Robinson’s New Video is… Easy

Are you a Japanese anime model who can’t get away? I thought so…well, Mat Zo & Porter Robinson have crafted the music video to describe your life to fall into place with their catchy hit, ‘Easy’.

The lonely looking pretty anime girl keeps getting a call from her manager, and she just needs to escape it all. Staring out of her penthouse below at the city that her face covers, she chucks her phone off the edge and hits the tron bike for a ride. You know, a seemingly normal day.

The girl makes sure the cover her tracks by seemingingly detonating the city. Nothing to worry about any longer. And yes, of course her flying blue pet comes along!

Loving this girl is easy because we’ve all been there. That feeling of wanting to just bail on it all, leave the stress behind, find our paradise. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, the feeling gets stronger to hit the heat and enjoy it before getting back to the summer grind. After all, we all just want to feel free.

This song released with joint efforts from Anjunabeats and the Ministry of Sound.

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