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Pharrell Williams: ‘The Robots Aren’t Bound By Time or Space’

“The robots’ music is the power to separate itself from all else that exists,” says Pharrell Williams. “They’re not bound by time or space.”

As the weekend of many Daft Punk Random Access Memories teasers comes to an end, Pharrell talks about how he met up with Daft Punk, only to click one the exact melody they were looking for. Featured on two separate tracks on the album, ‘Get Lucky‘ and ‘Lose Yourself To Dance‘, Pharrell believes that each one has a funky groove to vibe to.

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

“‘I’m kind of in the Nile Rodgers place, right now,” Pharrell told the robots. “And they looked at each other and I was like ‘What? You guys don’t like that?’.” Daft Punk played a sample for them to write to and Pharrell realized that it was actually Nile Rodgers playing in the track.

At that moment of fate, Pharrell knew what they were working on would be special. Across an entire ocean, both of their artistic minds were headed back to an earlier time.

“It’s kind of like the mid-70s, early 80s of a different universe and dimension; not of this one.”

“This music that represents the freedom of all human beings.”

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