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Cazzette & Bruno Mars Remix Featured in Disney’s Fantasia

Cazzette just continues to impress. Another name that continues to impress me is Bruno Mars. Bruno is great solo, but has been working with some world-class talent producing on one remix after another. Like Paul Oakenfold. He worked with Paul on a remix of “Locked Out Of Heaven.” That track is getting played on pretty much every dance floor this summer.

Fantasia: Music Evolved Announcement Trailer

Now he is working with the always fun Cazzette on a track that got the attention of Disney. It’s another “Locked Out Of Heaven” remix, but has a completely different sound. Yeah, the lyrics are the same… but there is no way it will be creating the same moves the Oakenfold remix does. This one is somewhat industrial speaking to the true talents of Cazzette. Check out the remix of “Locked Out Of Heaven (Cazzette’s Answering Machine Mix)” featured in the trailer for Disney’s new video game, Fantasia!

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