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Armin van Buuren has an iPhone App!

The #1 DJ in the world has an app. If you have an iPhone, head to the app store and download this new app. I just stumbled upon it, and downloaded it to see what it was all about. I was blown away with the amount of content here. The app is free, and all of the content is free. From connecting with Armin van Buuren on all his favorite social media sites to watching videos from him on the road, it’s all here. Below are screenshots from the app. With each photo I will walk you through the app and what is included. If you like dance music, then you need to check out this app.


From the connect page, you can connect with Armin on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. When you click on all of these icons, you aren’t taken from the app but the social media accounts are framed right into the app. When you click on Twitter, it will ask for Twitter to have access to your account, but that’s not a big deal. This is a nice feature of the app not having to leave the app and open another app for each social network. Oh, and you can listen to all of his SoundCloud files right from the app.


Armin is always on the go, and the news section is a great place to stay up to date with him. These stories are always updated, too. You can also, within the app, refresh the feed in case there are some new stories for you to read through. The articles themselves are pretty boring, but you can share articles right from the app.


From Ibiza to Helsinki, Armin is playing somewhere every night it seems. You can see both upcoming and past gigs here. If you click on a gig, you can see a map of where the venue is, share it with your friends, and get driving directions from the app. This is slick if you are in a city where Armin is performing.


Intense is the new artist album from Armin van Buuren, and here you have access to a ton of content relating to the album. Click on the word “Intense,” and you can read more about the album. This also shows you a complete track list. Click on videos and you can see several videos relating to the album. My favorite part about this is the “Share Your Intense Moment” feature. You can share your favorite moment with Armin and a select few will appear right here within the app.


Here you can view a tracklist, download/listen to the official ASOT podcast, and watch several videos relating the A State Of Trance. For the tracklists, they are broken down in reverse chronological order. Each week, as a new podcast is uploaded, it will automatically appear and you can see all of the tracks included. ASOT is one of the biggest and best brands in electronic dance music.


That is what Armin is all about! Here you can view and listen to all of his singles, albums, and mix albums. Pretty Lights pretty much gives away all his music. Now Armin is pretty much giving all his work away, too. Each track also lists the featured artists. I like that as I am always curious what names are associated with individual tracks.


Here you can… well, view photos! You can view photos from Armin and his camp, or “My Own Photos,” which are fan photos from around the world. These are always being updated, so check back often and you might see yourself!


Here you can watch a TON of videos including his music videos, ASOT 600 videos, ASOT 2013 videos, and even videos from his single releases. There is also, for each video, a video count so you can see what videos are the most popular. Basically, if you’re not careful, you can spend hours with this app!


Here you can learn more about Armin. They break this down so you can learn about Armin the DJ, Armin the radio host, Armin the producer, and Armin the label owner.

This app is basically ALL Armin. Even if you don’t like Armin, this app is full of great dance music. I just happen to love Armin, so this app was worth every penny. Wait… the app is free!

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