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Digitally Enhanced Volume 6 Gets The Will Holland Touch

From the label that seems to produce hit after hit, Enhanced Music releases the sixth volume of Digitally Enhanced mixed by Will Holland, dropping over 25 new tunes for progressive junkies everywhere.

Will Holland combines some of the most euphorically uplifting songs from Enhanced to build two CDs to create a feeling of pure bliss for trance and progressive fans to munch on.

As summertime winds down, the tempos and moods put together by the likes of Estiva, Johan Vilborg, Juventa, Vitodito, Enhanced commanders Tritonal and more warm up your soul to pull you through winter to spring 2014.

Mix One floats through progressive trance and big room cuts fit for the biggest festivals in the world. Mix Two rolls in with a floating Matt Fax piano intro into a melodic and soothing group of tunes.

To receive the biggest hits from the Enhanced label for the second half of 2013 (not to mention adding to your progressive collection), make sure to hit up the Enhanced Music online store, or check out Beatport and iTunes.

The full track listing is below.

Mix One
1. Johan Vilborg ­‐ Expressions (Original Mix)
2. Estiva & Johan Vilborg ­‐ Mondays (Original Mix)
3. Juventa feat. Erica Curran ­‐ Move Into Light (Original Mix)
4. Nic Toms ­‐ Velvet (Original Mix)
5. AWD ­‐ In Time (Original Mix)
6. Vitodito & Daga ­‐ What We Did (Original Mix)
7. Timur Shafiev ­‐ Take Everything (Original Mix)
8. Jan Martin feat. Hysteria! ­‐ There’s You (LTN Remix)
9. Thomas Hayes ­‐ Release (Original Mix)
10. Alex Larichev ­‐ Smile Me (Original Mix)
11. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg ­‐ Two To One (Original Mix)
12. Jaco ­‐ Dam Square (Original Mix)
13. jjoo ­‐ Bittersweet (Original Mix)
14. Karanda ­‐ Kingpin (Original Mix)
15. Estiva ­‐ Teddybeat (Original Mix)
16. Daniel Kandi & Jack Rowan ­‐ Arigatou (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal feat. Underdown ­‐ Bullet That Saved Me (Festival Mix)
18. Estiva ­‐ Dinodrums (Original Mix)

Mix Two
1. Matt Fax ­‐ Barr (Digitally Enhanced Intro Mix))
2. Juventa -­‐ The Strip (Original Mix)
3. Speed Limits ­‐ Offshore (Original Mix)
4. Mehrad feat. Kelly Siew ­‐ Lonely (Sebastian Weikum Remix)
5. Ost & Meyer ­‐ Gandhi (Original Mix)
6. Aruna ­‐ Reason To Believe (Steve Kaetzel Original Mix)
7. 7 Skies ­‐ Vice (Original Mix)
8. Store N Forward ­‐ Schnitzel (Original Mix)
9. Eco & Carly Burns ­‐ Hurt (Extended Vocal Mix)
10. Cardinal feat. Arielle Maren ­‐ Stronger (Original Mix)
11. Max Braiman & Dan Stone ­‐ Submerge (Original Mix)
12. Temple One ­‐ Illusions (Original Mix)
13. Steve Brian pres. Agulo ft. David Berkeley ­‐ Blood And The Wine (Suncatcher Remix)
14. JayB ­‐ Pegasus (Daniel Kandi Remix)
15. Suncatcher & Falcon ­‐ Hashtable (Original Mix)

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