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Looking Back: Google Sits Down With Zedd at Lollapalooza 2012

After his set at Lollapalooza last year, Zedd sat down with Google to chat about his album “Clarity”, EDM and metal.

Even though the first question Zedd was asked was about Justin Bieber and their collaboration in the “Beauty and the Beat”, the 20 minute interview was an interesting “throwback” to see how far Zedd has come in the past year with the release of his album (which he talks about producing in the interview) and with the song “Clarity” achieving platinum status in the United States with more than a million copies sold. In the interview, he touches on his producing method of composing each song on the piano then translating it to electronic music.

The interview dug up some little-known facts about the 23 year-old like Zedd is a metal head. He was in a band with his bother called Dioramic that was signed to a metal label called LifeForce Records, which was home to the band, Trivium.

Dioramic – “Black Screen Goodbye”

Soft spoken and reserved, Zedd still manages to throw in some humor by comparing DJing at shows to shaving. You can catch Zedd this Saturday, September 21 at Madison Events Center in his “Moment of Clarity” tour supported by Oliver and Alex Metric. Purchase your tickets here.

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