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Party Mode On: 5 Ultimate Dance Tracks to Enjoy with Friends

Listening to electronic music by yourself is enjoyable, but nothing compares to dancing with your friends, whether it’s at a concert or just at home. One of the recent lessons life has taught me is that while being alone can be fun, being part of something bigger, something beyond yourself, is extremely rewarding and elevates the experience like nothing else. As dancing with friends is one of my favorite pastimes, I wanted to share five fantastic songs to play at your next dance party!

“Rock The Party” by Party Pupils, MAX

Party Pupils are exactly what their name implies – a party. With many fun party tunes to choose from, it was hard to pick just one, but we settled on “Rock The Party.” This track often kicks off their sets with an infectious beat that builds on itself. Halfway through the drop, a funky counter melody kicks in, and you can’t help but dance. If you’re a fan of funky artists like the Floozies, this song is for you!

“Starving – Bali Bandits Remix” by Bali Bandits, Zedd, Grey, Hailee Steinfeld

With Zedd’s support, the Bali Bandits’ remix of the iconic song “Starving” takes the cake for your dance party. First of all, most people know the lyrics, so it won’t just be a dance party; it’ll turn into karaoke. This remix is perfect for the party due to its high-energy bass house drop, making it a true party anthem. If you enjoy artists like Jauz or Zedd, this track is for you!

“Keep on Moving” by Louis The Child, NEZ, Theophilus London

From Louis The Child’s Euphoria EP, this groovy song stands out in various ways. The vocals and lyrics are seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall quality of the track. When the drop hits, the riffs add an extra layer of groove, showcasing Louis The Child’s production mastery. With so much to love, from the drop to the vocals by both NEZ and Theophilus London, this song should be a staple in your playlist. If you’re a fan of artists like Chromeo, this song is for you!

“Need Your Love – Crystal Skies Remix” by Gryffin, Seven Lions, Noah Kahan, Crystal Skies

My personal favorite Gryffin song got an energetic rework when Crystal Skies released an official remix. With a faster tempo, you can immediately tell that this song will get you jumping. As it builds up, the tension rises and releases at the drop into a beautiful bass house song, complete with the chord progression from the original. You can’t help but dance to this song; the chord accents bring a burst of color to the dance party. If you’re into bass house, this song is for you!

“Tell Me You Love Me” by Galantis, Throttle

Wrapping up this list is one of Galantis’ most iconic songs. With great vocals and a fun message in the lyrics, this song is perfect for people to sing along to. Featuring a lively bass house drop reminiscent of many of Galantis’ songs, it brings happiness and joy to the listener and will get any crowd going. If you enjoy cheerful songs you can sing along to, this one’s for you!

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