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Remix Recall: Empire of The Sun – ‘Alive’ (Zedd Remix)

This week’s Remix Recall we’re throwing it back to the 2010s! One of the most influential decades for EDM, the twenty-tens are an absolute gold mine for some of our favorite hit tracks from legendary artists like Zedd, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

One of the hottest tracks of the decade and still one of the most powerful remixes today is Zedd’s remix of the Empire of The Sun‘s track “Alive” from 2013. Travel back in time with me and listen below:

Pure nostalgia, right? This remix is basically a 2-in-1 holding two completely different drops taking us from those sweet progressive house beats into a melodious rhythm. It’s the type of remix that makes you happy for no reason and can bring back some of the best memories. A Zedd essential. It’s always so fun to take a look back at where an artist started to see all the magic they’ve created, Zedd is musical magician.

I can’t wait to experience the magic of Zedd in Arizona next weekend! We’re going to be “loving every minute” because Zedd “makes us feel so alive” Saturday at Goldrush! You don’t want to get FOMO from this one. Grab your tickets here.

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