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Pretty Lights Music: Break Science to Release Seven Bridges

Break Science is excited to release their new album, Seven Bridges on the Pretty Lights Music on October 1.

This is the first full-length album for the duo, and it perfectly showcases the range of their creative vision and stylistic evolution. Seven Bridges is going to shake venues and clubs to their core, not only with ultra deep subsonic basslines, but with emotionally powerful lyrics, and a soulful message of evolution, integration, and positivity in the face of hardship. The name of the album is very much aligned with its intention, to “bridge gaps” between the past and present, the present and future, and between influence and imagination.

Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, commented on the album saying, “Their production skills have evolved exponentially; Seven Bridges is crazy hard hitting and melodically beautiful. The record is a brilliant integration of the diverse genres and styles that have influenced their upward expanding musical architecture on their firmly rooted hip-hop foundation.”

“Breath of Space,” the second single off the album, is a beautiful example of the beauty, originality, and diversity that Break Science has come to fuse masterfully.

The first released single, “Who Got It,” featuring a collaboration with emcee legend Redman, meshes classically crafted hip-hop production with cutting edge electronic techniques and sound design. Since its premiere, the song has been hyping up crowds and growing the anticipation for the album’s complete release on October 1.

Break Science – Who Got It (feat Redman)

Tracks include:

1. Brain Reaction (feat. Redman and Lettuce)
2. Now You Want More (feat. Citizen Chance)
3. Breath of Space (feat. Sonya Kitchell)
4. Way I Feel (feat. Danielle Parente)
5. Chronovisor
6. Trapeze (feat. CX)
7. Look Into The Hourglass (feat. Jahdan Blakkamore)
8. 40 Days Interlude (feat. CX)
9. Take It To The Floor (feat. Dominic Lalli)
10. Nasty
11. Connected (feat. Citizen Chance)
12. Once In A While (feat. Sonya Kitchell)
13. Who Got It (feat. Redman)

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