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Ferry Corsten feat. Jenny Wahlström – Many Ways (Teaser)

What does it take to stay on top of the global (EDM) scene for 21 years and never lose relevance? It takes an innate understanding of music, crowds humanity. It also requires top-flight studio production and irresistible melodies. For these reasons, Ferry Corsten has been on top of the game for more than 2 decades, all the while outracing young guns forever nipping at his heels. On November 18, Corsten releases his long-awaited single, “Many Ways” featuring Jenny Wahlström on Premier Recordings.

Ferry Corsten feat. Jenny Wahlstrom – Many Ways

With a breathtakingly beautiful intro and unforgettable vocals, Corsten crafts an uplifting and positively soaring song as at home on the summer festival circuit as it will be during peak time in America’s most luxurious superclubs. The melody and message of the song stand above and linger in the hearts of smiling, sweaty fans long after they have had their hands in-the-air. At a time when the growth of the genre known as EDM has reached explosive heights, Corsten brings the public dialogue back to the music with this high-energy, life-affirming song.

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