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Repeat Button: Alex O’Rion & Julie Thompson’s “Show Me The Way”

Julie Thompson is certainly no stranger to Repeat Button. Alex O’Rion, however, is a Repeat virgin. Don’t mistake this for a type of naivety in his productions, because even beyond “Show Me The Way”, his creations are unmistakably catchy.

Still, “Show Me The Way” is it’s own song, continuously brought together with a thrashing bass and the ever-hypnotic voice by Julie Thompson, begging for you to her show her the way, to bring her with you wherever you go.

O’Rion’s melody sparkles alongside the the deep and longing voice, gliding listeners up and down in a wavelike fashion. Pulse after pulse throbs against you, creating a vibe impossible to not move to.

Alex O’Rion & Julie Thompson – Show Me The Way

Even after you’ve made it to where you want to be, you can’t just stop moving. Happiness is a never ending pursuit. All you need to find is the way to go.

Thompson and O’Rion’s tune released November 4, so, you know, buy it and stuff.

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