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Guy Gerber Announces Residency at Sound in LA

After seeking inspiration in LA at several points in his career, including recording and producing his seminal Fabric compilation and parts of the ‘11 11’ project with Diddy, Gerber returns to make LA home in 2015, Gerber returns to make LA home in 2015, and will host a monthly residency at LA’s Sound, before hitting Coachella in April.

LA is a city of contradictions; it’s a theme that keeps drawing Gerber back. The ostentation and hedonism of mansions nestled in the Hollywood Hills juxtaposes with the gritty reality of one of America’s largest homeless populations; once the ever-present Californian sun sets, LA’s darker noire underbelly emerges.

The theme of contradiction is a constant for Gerber. He spent five years working on the ‘11 11’ album project with one of music’s biggest moguls, then insisted they give it away for free. He delivered a break-up album in lieu of a mix for one of the world’s biggest club compilation imprints, fabric. He held a beguiling residency replete with a glove that cost $100,000 at Ibiza’s opulent Pacha, then, the following year, threw a free, weekly beach party on the island, Rumors, which was widely heralded as one of the season’s stand-out events.

Contradiction is also at the heart of Gerber’s performances, whether they be live or his extended DJ sets. It’s a theme the Sound residency will explore. Gerber has a unique ability to walk between euphoria and melancholy, to push and pull his audience, force them to ask questions, and almost instill a sense of discomfort on the dancefloor. It’s a rare quality in an era when dance music seems to be ever homogenating.

Gerber continues to focus on his label Rumors, which in early 2015, after delivering his recent recordings with Dixon and Diddy, will see Gerber collaborate on a new single with the iconic Miss Kittin, as well as a remix package of 11 11, featuring some of dance music’s biggest names.

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