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Deadmau5 Goes Full Orchestral this April

As the electronic music scene continues to grow in popularity, more artists are receiving the opportunity to showcase their talents in places that have long been considered ‘mature environments’. Deadmau5 may be recognized for his listless contributions to the “EDM boom,” but on April 1st, the producer will be joined by musical director Gregory Reveret to adapt his catalog into full orchestral performances.

Reveret and deadmau5, alongside a full orchestra, is working with TIDAL to bring fans TIDAL X: deadmau5 “where’s the drop?” Utilizing the legendary Wiltern venue in Los Angeles, they’ll bring fans of the electronic world a truly unique experience in 2018. While many of us never expected the scene to leave the immediate underground, the transference of progressive house into full-fledged orchestral compositions will no-doubt stun and enlighten listeners simultaneously. To witness music largely associated with the rejection of musical composition will also be a worthy challenge to the musicians brought on to showcase his catalog.

deadmau5 – 7

Since deadmau5’s 2014 release of 7, the producer had been searching for the perfect partner to help him achieve his goal of producing the EP in a full-orchestral environment. After meeting Gregory Reveret during a “mau5trap Monday” session, the solution to his melodic problem was solved. The show takes place on April 1st, but TIDAL will also be releasing 17 orchestral tracks to appear under the same title, “where’s the drop?”, on March 30th exclusively through the streaming company. With the running title of “where’s the drop?” for both the event and the album, deadmau5’s humor clearly shines through as he references the audiences who beg for drops in other sub-genres. Tickets for the event can be found here.

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