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Out Now: LTN “Let Me Go” Remixes

Just when you thought the beautiful vocals of Arielle Maren couldn’t get any better with LTN’s euphoric trance beat in “Let Me Go,” three more remixes drop from Serbian producer Vintage & Morelli, LTN himself, and DRYM. All remixes add a bit of unique flavor while still keeping to those trance rhythms to create beautiful vibe.

Vintage & Morelli is Serbia’s leading trance producer. His take on “Let Me Go” combines an angelic piano tempo with a classic progressive trance tempo. Three minutes just doesn’t seem long enough for this heavenly remix.

LTN’s remix of his own song reminds us that a great production can become even better. The combination of the melodic vocals, chill-out trance rhythm, and euphoric synths give you the warmth of a gorgeous sunrise on a summer morning.

DRYM takes a slightly more upbeat approach to “Let Me Go,” keeping the vocals at its roots but adding an exciting build-up and a progressive house break. This remix is truly the perfect combination of a “feel-good” rhythm and an energetic twist that will make you not want to leave the dance floor.

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