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Peking Duk’s Adamio Hyde in Ridiculous New Video for “R U A Cop”

There’s a funny story behind the creation of this debut track, “R U A Cop” by The Meeting Tree ft. Adamio Hyde of Peking Duk. Raphael Dixon, half of the hip-hop group Jackie Onassis, had posted to his Facebook account a way for his fans to figure out if someone was an undercover cop. On his account he posted: “Know your rights! If you suspect someone of being an undercover police officer, ask them 3 times “are you a cop” and legally they must tell you if they are!” What this led to was the creation of an Instagram page called “The Meeting Tree” where Dixon would post pictures of people asking his audience to guess whether or not that person was a cop.

The Meeting Tree – r u a cop

Having the musical skills that he had obtained over the years with Jackie Onassis, Raph Dixon enlisted Adamio Hyde to assist in creating this ridiculous banger, “R U A Cop”. In the video, Peking Duk’s Adamio Hyde provides the background vocals, speaking in some foreign language for half of it. The video, shot in black and white, provides audience with a random and hectic look at these three guys playing synths, pouring water on each other, blowing whistles, and even shaving each others faces. It’s a riot!

In addition to helping out other artists with their productions, Adamio Hyde has been hard at work with his Peking Duk mate, Reuben Styles, developing their own material. On May 3rd, Peking Duk made an appearance on Diplo and Friends alongside TWRK. As Diplo introduces them he states, “Not just something on the menu at a Chinese restaurant”, and this is certainly true. Rising the ranks since 2012, they have proven themselves with tracks like their Passion Pit bootleg and their single, “High”. This mix contains some unreleased Peking Duk music, so check it out here!

Don’t miss Peking Duk this MDW at BRKFST on May 24! Maybe we will get to see Adamio show off some of his vocal work… Maybe we will get to hear more of their unreleased music… You’ll have to show up to find out!

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