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Insomniac Asks Headliners To Raise Awareness #WeAreWideAwake

Festival giant Insomniac Events will be holding its biggest festival, and the most popular electronic music festival in the US, the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The festival moved its location from Los Angeles to Las Vegas after an incident occurred in 2010 at the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum that resulted in the death of a young 15 year-old girl. Given the rise in popularity of the EDM world, along with the growth of festivals with mass productions, has come the increase in incidents among festival-goers.

Insomniac’s We Are Dance Music #WeAreWideAwake

While summer is the height of the festival season, the temperature in places like the Las Vegas desert also reach new heights, putting those attending the festival, especially those coming in from different climates, at risk of dehydration or any other heat-related injuries. The heat, coupled with the partying that occurs on the Las Vegas strip could create a situation that isn’t very conducive to heath and safety. Insomniac has stepped up to present their new initiative in the community. Using the hashtag, #WeAreWideAwake, Insomniac hopes to educate and inspire their headliners to look out for each other. With PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) sentiments, they’ve released a video that offers headliners some advice for having fun at EDC, but also looking out for one another. Communities and cultures, like ones at Electric Daisy Carnival, are what we make of it. By looking out for our fellow headliners, we are ensuring that we all can enjoy a magical night under the electric sky for years to come!

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