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Obanjon, Croatia Might Be The New Ibiza

Putting on a music festival is a completely different ballgame than before. All it use to take was an open field or a huge warehouse, throw in a stage and some sound/ lighting and you were good to go. Nowadays, there is a specific formula for creating a festival that is truly experiential in nature. The main part of that formula is the venue. Look at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, which is truly heightened experience due to the breathtaking scenery of the Colorado Rockies.


Or the various cruise ship ragers like Holy Ship! and Mad Decent Boat Party, where attendees are going mental while the sun is setting over the Caribbean.


Sound Channel, the creators of Unknown music festival, is about to make Red Rocks and the Caribbean look basic comparatively speaking to the Croatian island “Obanjon” that they just purchased with intent of turning the island into their festival’s new venue and other EDM events. While there is no picture of island yet, we can only assume that is will hold the same beauty as the other Croatian islands.


“Our vision for the island of Obonjan is to regenerate the island and turn it into a truly unique concept, combining art and music, wellness, sustainable living, amazing food and drink and fun and creative accommodation, all on an idyllic island paradise,” says Sound Channel’s Dan Blackledge.

I’m thinking there needs to be an all tropical house festival here. Literally, imagine Kygo and Thomas Jack headlining… It would be everything.  Unknown is currently making a name for itself within the EDM world with Disclosure headlining the festival last year in 2014.

Unknown 2014 Highlights Video

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