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Diplo and Madonna Have Exciting News (No, They’re Not Getting Married)

Get low for… Madonna? The newest DJ meets pop princess couple in Hollywood has announced some big news. Diplo and Madonna are taking their relationship to the next level and going on tour together. Diplo already is a heavy hitter on Madonna’s newest album Rebel Heart, assisting production on at least seven songs.

The surprising news is that Diplo has accepted an opener position in a sea of headlining gigs, but with good reason- he’s opening for his girlfriend on her upcoming world tour. The only dates that were leaked thus far were Sept. 9 and 10 in Montreal, but keep your fingers crossed for some North America stops.

How adorable is this dynamic duo? Or is it a shame that Diplo is being washed away into the mainstream? Maybe we should cut Dip some slack- why wouldn’t he want to share the stage with his girl? Some EDM enthusiasts might be shaking their head at this integration to the pop-o-sphere, but let’s see what this tag team has up their sleeve before we jump to conclusions.

Check out their biggest hit together also featuring Nicki Minaj:

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