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Kanye West Says James Blake is His Favorite Artist

The soft spoken James Blake has been reluctant to reveal too much about his upcoming LP Radio Silence, but recently has given us a bit of bait… and we’re hooked. The London singer/songwriter/producer is better known by us ravers as “Harmonimix” when dropping remixes.

Blake unleashed the title track for a thankful audience in Tampa, Florida a few weeks ago. The new track was warped with a cover of Bill Withers’ “Hope She’ll Be Happier,” but even watching the Youtube video makes fans like me excited for what this LP could possibly hold.

James Blake performing in Tampa on May 9 2015

We do know a little bit more about this illusive LP, though. In an interview with Esquire, James Blake admitted collabs with two unexpected artists: Kanye West and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Blake has received awards such as UK’s Album of the Year and the Mercury Prize for his airy, eclectic music that will certainly will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for 2015’s releases.

In an interview with Wired 96.5 in Philadelphia, Kanye West stated that his favorite artist was indeed James Blake. This enticed the interviewer to pose the question, “Who is James Blake?” In response, his co-interviewer joked, “He’s Justin Bieber’s dad.”

Kanye, with full support and admiration for Blake responded, “He’s kind of basically the opposite of that.”

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