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Rezz’s “Insurrection” EP Hits So Hard That You’ll Forget to Breathe

About a month ago I wrote an article about an up and coming artist named Rezz who I referred to as the new face of industrial and tech house. I would just like to reiterate that this girl has some amazing talent and is quickly rising to the top. In just under a month, Rezz has been placed on the line-ups of Holy Ship and TomorrowWorld, been signed to AM Only, and cemented herself a place in Skrillex‘s Nest HQ with her new debut EP release entitled Insurrection. I cannot stress it enough, if you have not gotten a chance to read up on Rezz or listen to her music… DO IT NOW! I am completely hypnotized by this new EP and pray that I get a chance to see this talented individual live here in the near future. Insurrection consists of three brand new tracks: “Plague”, “Lucifer”, and “Rush”. All with appropriately sinister titles, these tracks have a certain quality to them that make me want to go harder than I’ve ever gone before, and honestly, I find myself forgetting to breathe. Lets take a look at what Rezz had to say about each of the tracks below!


Definitely the hardest hitting of the bunch, and as the first track on the EP, Plague has already garnered over 26,000 views on Soundcloud. When talking about Plague, Rezz states that her inspiration was based on the fact that she was “feeling extremely driven by slower deeper rhythms and I really took the whole ‘less is more’ approach for that tune.” When listening to the track, notice the layers… There aren’t many, but the song packs a punch that will make you want to bang your head so hard that you better watch how close it gets to the floor.


Being the first track that Rezz created for the EP, she “wanted to create a track that works well on the dance floor, yet still exhibits the dark/sketchy vibes that I am deeply inspired by.” With a title like Lucifer, the track certainly has that dark/sketchy vibe that she refers to. The track is fast paced, but also retains that previously mentioned simplicity that she likes to build into her tracks. The song builds, becoming more intense as it goes on, and then releases to, not the traditional hard drop, but rather a calming and disquieting crescendo.


According to Rezz, Rush is the most intense track on the EP. This was the final track that she had created for Insurrection and had a very clear vision for it. It starts by luring you in with some loose electronic howls, and proceeds to throw you into a whirlwind of hyper-metallic crashes and twisted chords. For Rezz, the song “came out a little crazier than I expected; I was very inspired by downtown alleyway vibes.” Crazy the track is indeed, turning up the darkness to levels unseen. The bass in this track may destroy your sub-woofers, but that’s what comes with listening to a Rezz track I suppose.

Just a couple of closing thoughts on the EP and Rezz: mark my words, keep an eye out. Follow her on Facebook, follow her on twitter, follow her on Soundcloud, follow her on anything you can follow her on… social media wise that is. If her track “Serenity” on Mau5trap and her Insurrection EP on Nest HQ are any indicators of her future music and career (Deadmau5 and Skrillex?!?!), it is certainly bright… and dark. Rezz’s final thoughts on her EP are this, “All three tracks work well together because they are all very dark, rhythmic and hypnotic—which is basically the vibe I’m after for most of my work.” Very true indeed. Follow this bright career full of dark music and keep an eye on the new face of industrial and tech house.

For more information of Insurrection check out Rezz’s interview on Nest HQ! Don’t miss her at TomorrowWorld this September and on Holy Ship in February!

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