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The Bloody Beetroots’ Sir Cornelius Rifo Is Back With ‘SBCR & Adversaries, Vol. 2’

The Bloody Beetroots’ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo will be making his return to Dim Mak Records with his second installment of SBCR. The acclaimed DJ/producer, who debuted the inaugural SBCR ep earlier this year, has announced the release of SBCR & Adversaries, Vol. 2. The EP, set to be consisting of six tracks, will feature hand-picked selections and collaborations with Owl Vision, Jayceeoh, and Razihel. As a special treat, the second track off the EP, “Black New York Tee” is available as a free download. The ambient single, produced by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, showcases his inimitable ability to navigate the gamut of genre, giving listeners a preview of what the album and what SBCR is really all about.

SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots) “Black New York Tee”

Along with the release of the upcoming EP, as well as the free single, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the frontman and mastermind behind “The Bloody Beetroots” project, will also be inviting designers from all over the world to create a new SBCR mask. The black comic book masks of The Bloody Beetroots have become an iconic accessory for the mysterious act, thus, in conjunction with his newest project, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo presents the challenge to designers to come up with a new, completely original and creative design for him to wear on stage during his solo performances. Designers can submit a ready-made mask or sketch, along with a description about why they think the mask would appeal to Sir Bob. The selected artist will be receiving $1,500 and exposure across the social media channels of The Bloody Beetroots/SBCR and Dim Mak Records. For more additional information or to submit a design, visit here.

Don’t miss SBCR & Adversaries, Vol. 2 EP when it drops on August 21st and be sure to catch Sir Cornelius Bob Rifo on tour playing track s from the upcoming EP in his unique SBCR DJ sets.

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