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The Chainsmokers Just Released Their Best Song Yet!

The Chainsmokers just released a new track called “Roses” and it’s beautiful. It definitely sounds nothing like they’ve ever made before, and they’re making a point to let everyone know that it’s something they’re extremely proud of. According to Alex and Drew (The Chainsmokers), “This song represents an inherent change in the right direction… almost like we have finally come full circle to a place musically we are finally completely happy with a song”. The Chainsmokers’ changes in music are apparent in the singles they have released.

Their first major single, the Melbourne-bounce track “#Selfie” released a year and a half ago, quickly shot the music duo into the spotlight. The song received many negative criticisms and gave The Chainsmokers a very flippant image in the EDM community. It can be said that the song was supposed to be a social commentary but was misunderstood which is why it has received so much negative feedback. In their own words, the song “had good intentions but went horribly wrong.”

Every song The Chainsmokers have released since “#Selfie” has had a different sound, from the “ear candy sounding progressive house” song “Let You Go” to the retro-pop song “Good Intentions”. After much artistic soul searching and experimentation with different sounds, The Chainsmokers have finally released a song that they feel is the end of the transition they’ve been going through. “Roses” is by far the prettiest song The Chainsmokers have released and has a very chill melody with beautiful vocals and lyrics. The vocals in the song are done by ROZES, a 22-year-old artist from Philadelphia.

The uplifting lyrics of the song are accompanied by a perfect blend of future bass and chill trap sounds that create a song that The Chainsmokers label as “future-pop”. The most exciting thing about this track for The Chainsmokers is the fact that their very own Drew made his singing debut on it along with being the first song that they co-wrote the lyrics for. Much can be said about this song but it’s very difficult putting the beauty and emotions of the sounds and lyrics into words.

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