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Will Calvin Harris Be The Muse For A Taylor Swift Song?

Taylor is crazy…about Calvin! So no, it doesn’t look like it. According to an interview on July 17 with Kiss FM UK, he admitted the relationship is “going absolutely fantastic.” Aww! This five minute interview revealed a lot about Harris as he answered a few Q’s and gushed about Taylor- check it out!

He discussed how he missed the vibes of a summer single, and that’s why he was determined to release one in 2015. This feel-good track is definitely in the running for this summer’s anthem.

“How Deep Is Your Love” -Calvin Harris &  Disciples

He gave us the low down on his single, his weekend trips to Vegas,  his health habits, and obviously gave us the scoop on his “Love Story” girlfriend. Even on radio, it’s clear that Calvin is crazy about Taylor. the modest mixer failed to mention that he and Tay were ranked Forbes’ highest paid couple, with Jay Z and Beyonce trailing behind in second place.

Like every musician couple does, Harris dodged all questions about a collab between he and Taylor Swift. I predict to definitely see one drop in the near future, but there’s no hints from either party as to when or what this obvious masterpiece will be.

Calvin is on fire. With his new single “How Deep Is Your Love,” a brilliant collab with Disciples, and a seriously smoking pop star girlfriend, what more could this dance music master want? He’s happy, he’s healthy, he’s wealthy, and he’s slaying the EDM game.

But who knows? Maybe he and Taylor will fizzle out before they collaborate. No skin off of Cal’s back though, he’ll hit it just as big with a remix of Tay’s break up song about him.

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