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Jersey Shore Spin- Off  “Ibiza Shore”: A Gift or A Curse?

Do you miss fist pumping With Pauly D and Snooki every Thursday night on MTV? You’re in luck. MTV is working hard at launching a Jersey Shore spin-off on the iconic island of dance music; Ibiza.

Surely the brunt of the series’ brawls and booze will take place in the premier nightclubs that host and headline our beloved DJs. Is this a blessing or a curse? Do we want to see crowds going wild to Diplo and Hardwell banging beats in the background of this spin off? Or are we already cringing to see our euphoric raves damaged by tabloid cameras and reality show drama?

This controversial plan has shaken Ibiza and even got the government involved. Vicent Torres, president of Ibiza stated, “If we can stop this, we will. It’s a matter of image, that’s what worries us.” Should this worry us EDM enthusiasts too? The promo video for Ibiza Shore has a strong emphasis on dance music already; it contains multiple clips of DJs and the featured music is none other than …

Ibiza Shore PROMO Video

To be honest, I’m afraid of dance music being wrongly associated with Ibiza Shore. EDM will be seen as trashy and full of the nonsense that is expected to bleed from the show. On the other hand, this series could publicize electronic music and make it even bigger of a movement than it is now. Viewers could be shazam-ing the sh** out of the beats in the background of all the dramatic bickering at the nightclubs. Who knows?

Torres, along with a large portion of critics, is worried that the perceived sloppiness and vulgarity of the production will take over the prestigious reputation Ibiza has worked hard to maintain. Catering company El Catering Francés rejected a contract to be signed on as the television production team’s caterer. It would have been a large chunk of change-about 20,000 Euros- that he could have collected.

Whether we like it or not, MTV has given the green light for the new cast to invade the dance music island. If you’re excited to tune in or are watching out of disgust, keep your eyes peeled for appearances from good ol’ Snooki and friends… and maybe your favorite DJ.

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