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Paul Kalkbrenner Keeps The Ball Rolling With Newly Released 7th Studio Album

He’s starred in a film, played a gig for half a million people in front of Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate, released a worldwide hit (“Sky & Sand” along side his brother Fritz), and he even just had a beautiful baby with his wife. Nowadays, Paul Kalkbrenner sits atop a 20-year career in electronic music with six studio albums, and just released number seven. Having signed a long-term deal with Sony Music International earlier this year, the Berlin icon’s new album 7 has just arrived on Columbia Records / Sony International.

With the likes of Elvis PresleyJohnny Cash, Bob Dylan at his fingertips, Paul sorted through the historic collection, eventually arriving at vocal samples from Luther VandrossJefferson Airplane and D-Train, which he has incorporated into his new album. Kalkbrenner showcases his perfected melodic techno in tracks like ‘Align The Engine’ and ‘Bright Roller’, while ‘Cylence 412’ takes a more playful route with an upbeat twangy tune. Throughout the album it is made clear that techno does not always have to be dark, it can be hopeful and exciting, also displayed in ‘Tone & Timber’s. D-Trains powerful vocals (taken from ‘You’re The One For Me’) really deliver the punch in the kick drum single, ‘Cloud-Rider’, while Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Feed Your Head’ is arranged into a soaring techno symphony, and Luther Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’ becomes the whistling, anthemetic ‘A Million Days’.

According to the the album’s press release, fans will get many chances to witness his new live set, which will feature a completely new stage and production design to accompany the album’s material. The live gig is set to hit New York, London, and his home city of Berlin in the coming months.

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