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TomorrowWorld 2015 Artist Spotlight on Snails: Vomiting All Over The World

Snails is a unique character. Weird is the correct word to use when defining the Montreal-based DJ/producer. Fred, as he is referred to by those closest to him, is the pioneer of the genre called Vomitstep. What exactly is Vomitstep, you ask? Although not clearly defined, according to UKF, Vomitstep can be described as such: “Take the strange plips, plops and plonks you hear in many trap productions, turn them inside out, resample them, cook them, eat them, puke them up and you’re on the right track.” Snails has been fine tuning his sound since his surfacing back in 2012, and throughout the last couple years his sound has matured and developed into something that has been dominating dance floors day in and day out.

According to the man himself, his genre of music is weird. Plain and simple. And he appreciates the embrace from his audience of all he represents. When discussing Vomitstep and audience reception to his sound, he had this to say, “What’s really cool is that people are appreciating my weirdness! I was in a club in Montreal and saw Adventure Club drop Slugz right in front of me. I didn’t even know they had the tune… Let alone like it! That’s so awesome. And it’s amazing that people like them are enjoying and supporting my music. People aren’t scared of weird stuff any more. People aren’t like ‘no no I can’t play that it’s too mad!’ Instead they’re like ‘this is so weird! I want to play this!’ I LOVE that!” There is no denying that as electronic music progresses, we are getting more and more interesting and creative songs out there. Thank goodness for artists like Snails who are contributing to this creative surge in the music industry.

Snails got his start back in 2012 when his first couple of tracks were released online via Kannibalen Records in Canada and via This Song is Sick in the US. Quickly thereafter his vomit-inducing tracks were being featured in the sets of Trap/Dubstep gods like Diplo, Skrillex, DJ Snake, and Kill the Noise. These tastemakers have the ability to recognize talent and something original, therefore Snails was the perfect victim for exploitation. Since then, Snails has had the opportunity to create numerous bass-heavy tracks for all of the Snail-heads out there. The track “Wild”, co-produced with longtime role model, AntiSerum, was released on OWSLA records, headed by Dubstep king himself, Skrillex. The track was a massive success at the 2014 Ultra Music Festival Miami.

Snails often reminisces about moments in his journey to the spotlight that he holds close. In regards to his opportunity to work with AnitSerum, Snails had this to say, “He’s been a hero of mine and an inspiration. So when he hit me up on Twitter to say we should do a track I was dancing on my bed going ‘holy fuck!’ We did the tune in a week, we’re so connected and work so well together. For me I’m still being that kid doing weird stuff, having fun… The attention doesn’t affect me.” The humble sentiment can be felt and is greatly appreciated. He continues on to speak about how being weird makes him the artist he is and how this affects his mentality when making music. “I’m so thankful that people are open to my weird stuff. Watching the videos of Skrillex playing Wild still makes me feel so amazing. Whenever I watch that I go back in the studio and make more music. I want to get more and more weird stuff!”

The presence and influence of Vomitstep has spread through the industry like wildfire. Although none do it quite like Snails, the Vomitstep flair can be heard in the music of artists like AngOokie, Dirty Low, Luey Beatz, Brillz, Brawl, Monster Jellyfish and more.

His growth in the industry can certainly be felt. Having played a secret guest slot at this years edition of Ultra Miami, Snails brought the bass to an unsuspecting crowd, garnering a huge crowd that would make any rising DJ smile from ear to ear. In addition, Snails recently released his #FREETHEVOMIT EP, which highlights his sound that combines trap rhythms, dirty bass lines and off-kilter sound design. The EP features 3 new Vomitstep tracks including a collaboration with AZ native, Ghastly, called “King is Back”.Finally, in the after-movie for his show at ileSoniq in his hometown of Montreal there is featured a track that has yet to be released entitled “Frog Bass”. With a sinister, yet oddly charming croak as the driving force behind the drop, the aptly titled track is the perfect song to get your audience vomiting all over each other. Now that’d be a sight.

Don’t miss your opportunity to vomit to the sounds of Snails at TomorrowWorld 2015 in Chattahoochee Hills on Friday, September 25th. Tickets can be purchased here! But before you pack your bags, catch Snails and TrollPhace soak the floors of the Monarch Theatre on Saturday September 5th for their Snailin USA Tour over Labor Day Weekend!

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