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Preview: Relentless Beats Low-Down on Dirtybird Campout

Dirtybird Campout is this weekend and I could not be more excited to join the fun and represent Relentless Beats at the inaugural event! We all know that the music at the event is sure to set the dance floors at the Campout on fire, but it is a camp after all, and I’m ready to get into the special activities that the Dirtybird crew has got in store for all of the camp’s attendees.

Previews from Dirtybird Campout have alluded to archery lessons with J.Phlip, sack racing with Justin Martin and so much more, but with the event drawing near, Dirtybird has released an official schedule for all camp activities. While the festival itself seems to have zero music-related conflicts, it seems the struggle will be trying to decide if you want to forego a DJ set to participate in an activity. The schedule definitely shows that there’s a little something for everyone at Dirtybird Campout.

DB Activities LATE NIGHT

The festival’s activities area, called The Bunkhouse, will be hosting some of the more general camping activities, such as meeting the camp counselors on Friday afternoon, the talent show and the comedy shows on Saturday, and a sing-a-long on Sunday.

DB Activities Fri

Friday’s activities, all held in various areas of the campgrounds will feature fun and games for campers to take part in, like open badminton and volleyball courts, as well as a mini-golf area. If you’re feeling competitive, be sure to get in on that Kickball tournament or the sack races, but you can always cool it down with the water balloon toss or the slip-n-slide. Campers can also make mementos of their time at Dirtybird Campout by screenprinting tees, tie-dyeing some clothing, or doing some face and body paint. Dirtybird Campout will also have row boats open for campers looking to take their adventures into the water. Friday evening will also be seeing the opening yoga ceremony and a highly anticipated Justin Martin Pizza Show at the Dough Lab. Yep. The Dough Lab.

DB Activities SAT

Saturday morning, campers can start out their day with the nature hike or perhaps some vinyasa while a perfectly curated soundtrack plays. At the games field, campers can participate in a water balloon toss, sack races or get into a round of ultimate Frisbee. Make sure that you cool down at the slip-n-slide. If archery’s what you’re after, then Saturday is your day. Saturday will also see the first flag raising ceremony of the weekend at the Birdhouse. Campers visiting the Tipis can get their screenprinting and tye-dyeing done, but there will also be an important session for campers on knot tying. While the row boats will be open on Saturday afternoon, if you’ve got the right costume, be sure to flaunt it at the costumed boat relays at the pond. If you’re a late night bird, be sure to roast those marshmellows up at the S’mores pit for a sing-a-long, storytelling, and bonding with your new camp buddies.

DB Activities SUN

Sunday will certainly be bittersweet. With Sunday being the last day of camp, campers better get that game face on and get  into as many activities as possible. Campers can start their last day with a nature hike, the flag raising ceremony or morning power flow or some iyengar yoga. The games field will be hosting a few intense matches of tug of war and dodgeball. But don’t forget about that all camp group photo in the afternoon, so be sure to touch up that hair and get in there with a big smile. The Tipis will be the place for campers to get their last-minute mementos taken care of, such as postcards, tie-dyed gear and other crafts. If you want a real dose of the wildlife, be sure to catch the nature encounter. And in case you haven’t whipped out that great costume yet, you can work it out during the costumed boat relays. Before you say goodbye to camp and all of your camp buddies, get your marshmellows out for one last roast around the campfire with some late-night sing-a-longs and story telling.

Dirtybird Campout will undoubtedly be one for the books. While we know the music will be to die for, the camping activities really bring the whole experience full-circle. You can definitely tell that the Dirtybird family and The Do LAB put an incredible amount of effort to make this an unforgettable camping experience. So grab your marshmellows, costumes, and yoga mats because it’s time to go to camp!

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