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The One And Only Bill Nye Makes an Appearance at Life Is Beautiful

Out of all the people out there to make an appearance at a music festival, this one in particular I can say I did not see coming. Last weekend at this year’s Life Is Beautiful festival in Vegas, Everyone’s childhood hero Bill Nye The Science Guy made an unexpected cameo at the Troubadour stage. He was scheduled as a speaker for this year’s festival already, but his appearance at the Troubadour stage was a real treat for those that couldn’t make it into the packed house for his official appearance.

The renowned scientist, engineer, and former Cornell professor is most widely known among Millennials for his show Bill Nye the Science Guy. But aside from that, Bill Nye‘s an accomplished author and inventor, and current serves as the CEO of the Planetary Society, the nonprofit that engages in research and engineering projects tied to planetary space and astronomy. Just for fun, here he is explaining the theory of evolution through emoji:

Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emoji

The science guy’s appearance has gone viral and Pasquale Rotella posted a picture of Bill and all his bow-tie glory on stage at LIB, there to drop “some heavy knowledge.” While I don’t know exactly what was said, I think it’s pretty fair to assume that it was some really epic stuff!

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