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Four Tet Remixes Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’

The dictionary defines the word opus as any artistic work, especially one on a large scale. Well, Eric Prydz definitely named his track accordingly, dropping this dynamic, captivating bomb of a track on the world back in July.

Zane Lowe responded by naming it his ‘World Record’, and even Deadmau5 chimed in with a tweet of support. Amidst the torrent of praise, producer Four Tet also tweeted Prydz, expressing his desire to do an official remix of the track.


At first seeming like an odd pairing (like a peanut butter and Dijon mustard sandwich. Yuck.), Four Tet took ‘Opus’ and turned it into a magnum opus, layering and building upon the Prydz chord sequence for an exhilarating seven minutes! The drop is simply epic, and you can imagine this track leaving crowd-goers floored as a closing set track.

This track follows the release of the final installment of his Pryda 10 EP trilogy, a 22 track journey through his alter-ego’s sound.

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