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RB Exclusive Interview: Space Jesus Is The Artist You Need To Know

Space Jesus is a really awesome name that you probably haven’t heard yet, but definitely need to! Well, let me tell you ’bout Jasha Tull; he’s a talented yet humble trap-hop EDM producer from Brooklyn, NY making his mark on the scene with wonky music under the moniker Space Jesus. His unique music consists of his own signature sound that he somehow incorporates into all of these different types of sub-genres, successfully. When asked how he would describe his wonky music style, Jasha replied:

“I like mixing different styles and genres of music that wouldn’t necessarily go together, which makes for a super weird and trippy sound. It’s like the future and the past rolled into one. Light it up….” – Space Jesus

Space Jesus – “Nawledge” Feat. Pipus, Y. Jafar and GDP OFFICIAL VIDEO

The New York based music festival, Mysteryland USA, named Space Jesus as a Top Emerging Artist, and also featured him in their Mysteryland USA aftermovie. Jasha commented on this saying he’s honored, and that it feels great being recognized by a music festival that deals with so many top artists in the scene. His upcoming debut album Close Encounters takes Space Jesus’ fans on an intergalactic journey as he explores topics like extraterrestrial grandparents, Instagram “celebrities”, politicians on drugs, and even more topics that many other artists wouldn’t even dare to venture into. The album is full of bass and the wonky signature sound of Space Jesus – it’s truly eargasmicClose Encounters drops November 20th via Smokers Cough, and if you choose to get the album through the Bandcamp Preorder link, you’ll receive it at 12:01am on 11/20, as well as an immediate download of Nawledge, Infinite Extravagance, and two other exclusive remixes.

Purchase Space Jesus’ new album Close Encounters via iTunes here:

Mysteryland USA | Emerging Artists Volume #5 | Space Jesus

Check out my interview with the awesome, cool, and talented Space Jesus right here, as well as pre-order his upcoming album Close Encounters via the link below. Preorder includes: immediate download of “Infinite Extravagance” and “NawLedge“+ 2 exclusive remixes by GDP and Bleep Bloop not on album. Album will be sent at 12:01am on November 20th.

Bandcamp Preorder Link:

Nicole Petriw: At what moment in your life did you decide that music was your passion and that you were going to make a career out of it?

Space Jesus: It was more a natural progression than that it kind of just happened. Music has always been a passion

Nicole: Now you have industry experts saying things about you like:

“…Some of the best artists are so damn good because they know how to let their freak flag fly. One person who knows this is longhaired Brooklynite Space Jesus, who specializes in brewing wonderfully strange potions of low-end bass…” THUMP

“[His] new visual collaboration plays like a post-apocalyptic Internet fueled nightmare and we love it.” EARMILK

Nicole: How does it feel to hear these things about yourself, officially knowing that you’ve made it?

Space Jesus: The key to longevity is staying humble I don’t really pay all that stuff much mind.

Nicole: Going off of that…can you describe the surreal moment when you realized that you’ve made it – no longer “Jasha who DJ’s” but better known as “Space Jesus?”

Space Jesus: I’m still Jasha I just made some fans under an alias that people now associate Jasha with.

Nicole: What did your epic DJ moniker Space Jesus originate from? I’m guessing the Jesus part is because of your awesome flow [hair] … 

Space Jesus: I like Space and my hair is long plus 3 syllables flows of the tongue smoothly J

Nicole: How has being born/raised in New Jersey affected and transformed your signature sound that you somehow manage to make work with every sub-genre that you venture into with your music?

Space Jesus: New Jersey is an incredibly diverse place to grow up. Princeton has birthed some fine musicians and artists and I’m proud to be part of that rich history….NY and NJ are much faster paced environments and generally further removed from the natural world…which is one reason why I just recently relocated to Boulder, CO. It’s great to wake up in the morning and be out in nature, and surrounded by mountains where ever you go.

Nicole: You just recently completed a national tour with Break Science – what was that experience like?

Space Jesus: It was a pleasure. Can’t wait to do it again.

Nicole: What was your favorite city that you stopped in on the tour?

Space Jesus: They’re all my favorite J. Every city has its own vibe and I appreciate them all. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the music scenes of so many different cities.

Nicole: What’s it feel like to be named a Top Emerging Artist by Mysteryland USA and being featured in their official Mysteryland USA after movie?

Space Jesus: I’m honored. It’s an incredible feeling to receive recognition from a festival that deals with so many top artists in the scene.

Nicole: Your music is very unique and shows a lot of diversity, for example songs like “Exist”, “THE WEED”, and your remix of Grateful Dead’s song “Looks Like Rain”; how would you describe your wonky musical style?

Space Jesus: I like mixing different styles and genres of music that wouldn’t necessarily go together, which makes for a super weird and trippy sound. It’s like the future and the past rolled into one. Light it up….

Nicole: What artists would you say influence your music the most?

Space Jesus: My inspiration mostly comes from my friends. I’m a big fan of Shpongle, and MF doom….I also respect anybody who just makes music that they want to make, without caring what the rest have to say about it.

Nicole: What type of music did you grow up listening to – like your childhood favorite artists?

Space Jesus: Lots of rap and Grateful Dead, the classic staples that you listen to before you really have your own taste in music…. My dad put me on to a wide palette of Indian and world music at a young age I think you can definitely hear that in my sound. As I got older I got into Squarepusher, NERD…I’ve always been really opened to all types of music.

Nicole: Have you heard the song “Marijuana Laws” by the band Ballyhoo! It would be extremely epic if you made a remix somehow of that song or even just used some of the lyrics for samples in your own music. 

Space Jesus: Dually noted. I’ll have to check it out.

Nicole: You keep yourself busy with your own music career as well as your two side projects – Schlang, with the producer Rob Uslan (Supersillyus,) and#$ (Hash Money,) with the New Jersey rapper GDP. These two projects, respectively, have a psychedelic flair and the other has that hard-hitting hip-hop influence. What can you tell us about each of these side projects?

Space Jesus: They’re all drastically different from one another but still hold a common thread to my overall musical approach. I love making music with my friends, and am always down for a new collaboration.

Nicole: Did these two side projects give you the idea to take it a step further, combining them for your upcoming album Close Encounters?

Space Jesus: Absolutely. You’ll see 11/20 when Close Encounters drops.

Nicole: You are about to release the highly anticipated album Close Encounters via the Brooklyn-label Smokers Cough. This compilation is said to be your “most mind-bending audacious piece to date”. What inspired you to take your music to the next level with this piece, having a distinct psychedelic flair?

Space Jesus: Music is a competitive art form and the competition I face is mostly with myself to keep pushing my boundaries as an artist, and to make the kind of music id like to hear.

Nicole: This out-of-this-world album sets you apart from the rest of the artists in the industry, taking your fans on an intergalactic journey as you explore topics like extraterrestrial grandparents, Instagram “celebrities”, politicians on drugs, and even more topics that many other artists wouldn’t even dare to venture into. Where did the inspiration for Close Encounters and the bold choice to create an album such as this come from?

Space Jesus: Years of playing shows and making music. Keeping my eyes and ears open, and conceptualizing with friends over many fat j’s 😉

Nicole: Who was your favorite artist that you worked with on this album and why?

Space Jesus: They’re all my favorite…I can’t single anyone out like that J

Nicole: What is your personal favorite song from your upcoming album Close Encounters? I personally love “Exist” and of course “#Ferguson.”

Space Jesus: Yup I’m a big fan of those too…Plus all the other ones…it’s like picking a favorite child.

Nicole: If you could headline any festival in the world, which one would it be and why?

Space Jesus: Coachella cause why not – fuck it!

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