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Become A Festival Hero By Joining The Relentless Rangers Just In Time For Decadence AZ

We’ve all had our moments at festivals where we party a little too hard, lose our friends, or just straight up don’t know how to get to where we’re going. Having these issues can be a handful to deal with, especially when you need to make it to that RL Grime set before he drops Scylla or to the bathroom before you drop something equally as grimey. With our latest addition to the Relentless Beats squad, The Relentless Rangers, we want to help you to avoid these problems and make some amazing new friends along the way.


The Relentless Rangers mission is to provide our festival-goers with the best possible experience at each of our shows. In the words of one of the team leaders for The Relentless Rangers, Tony Renello had this to say, “Relentless Beats is not only dedicated to bringing the biggest names in EDM to the valley, but also to our dedicated fans and their safety while attending our festivals. Relentless Rangers is a collaboration of caring individuals that dedicate their time to music festivals here in Arizona and bring a safer element to the festivals. Our main objective is to keep a constant eye on the crowd watching for anyone who may be in need of anything whether it be water, medical attention, or just direction.”

With that said, The Relentless Ranger’s first outing was this year at Global Dance Festival: Wild West Edition, where they had an astoundingly successful run, aiding, caring for, guiding, and just overall having fun with the festivals eclectic crowd. These guys and gals are festival goers at heart and are looking for nothing more than to spread the love and good vibes. When asked to talk about their experiences at Global Dance Festival as Relentless Rangers, there was one common love between them all: the idea of building a community within the festival and outside of it as well.


From the Rangers themselves, here is what it takes to be a Relentless Ranger, as well as some experiences similar to what you might find working as Ranger:

Sal Franco: First and foremost someone who is looking out for the safety of others before anything. People who are people friendly and know how to have fun!!”

“One of my favorite quotes when i asked somebody if they needed help and water their friends turned to eachother and one said ‘see i told you relentless beats was legit.’ Knowing we were able to leave that kind of imprint on someone as well as enhance their festival experience to another level really makes this position a great experience for any music/ festival lover.”

Michael Lichtenfeld: “Someone who’s friendly, who has open body language and an approachable type of persona. Definitely someone who’s been to a lot of festivals, and someone who is a true raver at heart.

I ran into so many people thinking I was security, or a narc, or whatever – mostly due to the ear piece from the Walkie talkie. But once I gave them a light show or chatted with them about their night and high fived them, or offered water, they realized what the Relentless Rangers were all about.

AJ Araiza: We are there to make sure that people are hydrated and are having a safe and positive festival experience. All of us on the team have been to plenty of festivals and events to where we know what people need and how to help them out so that is where we come in to place. We are helping build a stronger community at these events by providing a positive vibe for others.”

The best part was being told that you were appreciated or that they really loved what you were doing. If you can pass a positive vibe at a music festival people will implement that same positive vibe to others during the festival. Global was a really special night in my heart because overall I saw a lot of people helping their friends out if they were too drunk or just happy people in general.


Kristie Bogart: Some good qualities that make up the Rangers I believe is a genuine concern and love for others. We are the party goers that will stop and help a complete stranger who is wandering alone or use our own money to buy someone food or water when they lost theirs in the pit. We just put others first whenever we can.

Not only did I make new friends with all these amazing Rangers and the some of the other members of the relentless family but I met and assisted so many other people at the show. It was an awesome feeling to be there for someone when they needed help or even just directions.”

Shanta Campbell: We are not here to judge you, but to make your experience safe and fun! A few great qualities that I see in the current rangers are: positivity, openess, caring, and a desire to make sure that everyone is having a great experience!

I know that during the Global, the attendees were gracious and thankful to have “buddies in the blue shirts” cruising around to ask questions. Several people who were given water after being sick, tried to pay for the water or declined at first thinking they would be in debted… once they found out that this was not necessary all of them had smiles and sincere thanks. Even something as small as a baby wipe and a bandaid helped someone smile. I’m super proud to be part of this team!

Bianca Benjamin: I believe compassion is the number one trait a ranger should possess because compassion cannot be taught. We need people to be willing to help others out of the goodness of their hearts.”

There were many first time festival-goers that I came across that seemed to need help whether it was needing directions or just a dance buddy until we could find their group of friends. I have personally been in the position where I did not feel good or have lost my friends at a large festival, and it can be very overwhelming. Because of this I am able to relate to the festival goers.


Kassandra Kellenberger: It takes a lot of energy to be a part of this team, but more importantly, you really have to love what you’re doing out there. We’re not just in this for the music, we’re in this to spread the idea of Peace Love Unity and Respect. You’ve really gotta be a tough cookie… We do some pretty serious dancing all night long.”

The love at Global was incredible. There were so many people that went out of their way to just extend us a thanks for volunteering our time to make sure they were having the best experience possible. It felt amazing to leave a show with a heart full of love, new friends gained, and some pretty awesome dance partners.”

Jake Janoski: I think that if you want to be a Ranger you have to genuinely want to help people in need and want to ensure people are having a good time. Positivity and good vibes only. No judgement.”

I am extremely honored to be apart of this team... I look forward to seeing this grow and become a household name within relentless beats when people talk about festivals. The gratitude I received for giving someone a water in need or a baby wipe was an amazing feeling.

Dirk Hopkins: My first impression when I was out on this project is that it would be more of a safety team and while we have an observe and report role in maintaining safety, when we actually go out and work we seem to take more of a human outreach role. We make sure people are happy and being taken care of. It’s pretty amazing and rewarding.

Everyone has been very thankful and gracious about our presence. People were coming up to us all night, thanking us for being there, giving us cuffs, kandi, necklaces, and hugs.

With the Rangers we want to continue to grow our already amazing community into something larger, safer, and more unified. We do not want you to be too scared to approach someone if you are in need of help, your safety is priority number one. The Rangers are here to help you with a happy face and nothing but your best interest. That being said, Relentless Beats is looking to add to our Relentless Ranger team before Decadence storms its way through for New Years Eve. If you think that you have what it takes to provide our community with the the assistance, the wellness, and the fun that they deserve, please reach out to us!

If you would like to join The Relentless Rangers team, please fill out this form >> Relentless Rangers Sign-Up

We are looking forward to keeping you all safe at Decadence for the biggest electronic line-up the state has seen! Keep an eye out for the blue tees and lightsabers, we are here to help!

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