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Cashmere Cat Produced Track on Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’

The Life Of Pablo, the newest album/work of art from rapper and Kardashian husband Kanye West, has been making waves all across the Twitterverse these past few weeks. The album went through several name changes and many versions of the tracklist were posted on his Twitter account. One of the most talked-about tracks is the song “Wolves,” which was premiered by Kanye last year during the reveal of his shoe collaboration with Adidas. The song has undergone many edits since then – the track originally featured Sia and Vic Mensa but both were cut during his big TLOP reveal at Madison Square Garden this month . One thing that remains constant is that cold, almost melancholy sound that may sound a bit familiar to those familiar with a certain Norwegian electronic producer who paid a visit to the desert last November during Global Dance Fest… Cashmere Cat!

It’s clear that Cashmere Cat has developed a distinct sound of his own and that sound is evident in “Wolves” – characterized with some unique percussive samples, mellow beats, and warbled vocals. While TLOP features numerous collaborations with Mr. West (Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and the Weeknd are just a few of the artists listed), it’s clear that Wolves will be a standout track – that is, once Kanye has finished making his changes.

While you can snag a copy of TLOP if you’re a user of Jay Z’s music streaming program TIDAL, you can hear the original version (some are calling it the “OG Version”) of “Wolves” by checking out the live performance from the SNL 40 special:

Cashmere Cat work with a variety of artists including Lido and Wiz Khalifa and even collaborated with Ariana Grande. The tracks on his EP Wedding Bells each have over a million plays on Soundcloud. Chances are you’ve come across his track “Mirror Maru” – if not, it’s certainly worth a listen to understand the true Cashmere Cat sound. ‘ If you weren’t able to catch him at Global Dance Fest, you can catch him at Lightning In a Bottle in California or at Bonnaroo out in Tennessee!

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