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Dr. Fresch and Jackal Want Us to Netflix N Chill? No, They Want Us to Netflix N Kill!

Dr. Fresch has been on one lately. Curating sick mixes via his Prescription series, selling out shows alongside SNBRN and Shaun Frank, and dropping seven tracks in seven weeks, Tony Fresch is pushing The Pharmacy to it’s max script limit.

Well, now he’s got something special to pour from his vial. After featuring Jackal on guest mix duties for The Prescription a few weeks ago, Fresch and Jackal are now dropping a collaboration of their own. Releasing via Buygore, “Netflix N Kill” is the latest trap anthem from each of these artists. Jackal, sticking to his filthy vibe, and Fresch, changing it up with something much heavier than we are used to, concoct a monstrous serum of a track that you certainly won’t be sipping on while watching House of Cards.

Jackal just rolled through Phoenix with the Twonk Di Nation tour featuring Brillz and Party Favor, but you can catch Dr. Fresch in just over a months time at Phoenix Lights 2016 also featuring artists like Ghastly, SNBRN, Yellow Claw, Excision, Eric Prydz, Kaskade, and many more still to be announced!

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