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EDMovie Madness: Skrillex & Jauz With An Animated Video For “Squad Out,” Cosmic Gate With “am2pm,” And Baauer’s Lyric Video For “Kung Fu”

This week on EDMovie Madness we have some dubstep, trance, and trap from Skrillex and Jauz, Cosmic Gate, and Baauer. As these genres are all different we have three very different videos as well. One a fun animated film, another with some eye catching scenery, and a lyric video taking you through a neon urban city.

Skrillex and Jauz teamed up last year for their banger “Squad Out” featuring Fatman Scoop and now they’ve released a music video that’s just as fun as the song. The video starts off with the animated versions of Skrillex and Jauz entering an elevator that sends them on a psychadelic journey in space. Directed by “Adult Swim” animator Adam Fuchs, the video is a hit and here’s what Adam told youredm about the video: “When I heard the track, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do visually. That rarely happens with any project I work on. The track has so many great melodic elements, it was so much fun conceiving ideas around them. There was this really great moment that happened before starting the video. I woke up from a deep sleep on my couch to a late night talk show on my TV. They were airing a bit that had a fake Skrillex battle rapping with Ben Franklin and I was so exhausted, I didn’t quite know what I was watching. It was one of the weirdest and most confusing things I’ve seen in a long time. I knew at that moment, I had to make something that could be viewed in the same way I saw that skit. I hope I accomplished that.”

Skrillex & JAUZ – SQUAD OUT! feat. Fatman Scoop

For our trance track we have a video for Cosmic Gate, and its eye candy for sure. The duo has created some of electronic trance music’s iconic singles, and “am2pm” is the first single from their mix compilation series ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 002.’ The video for this track takes you on a cinematic journey through beautiful mountains and breathtaking starlit cities that just like the song itself, will put you in a trance.

Cosmic Gate – am2pm (Official Music Video)

Baauer will be releasing his LP ‘Aa’ next week, and gave us a lyric video for his collaboration with Pusha T and Future “Kung Fu” in the mean time. The video displays the lyrics in russian, chinese, and arabic while taking you through a neon lit city. In addition to the lyric video, Baauer is releasing Aa’s next single through fortune cookies. His fans based in New York and London can stop by the Turntable Lab or a Goodhood store to pick up a fortune cookie containing a download code for Baauer’s next single. Watch the video here.

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