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Facebook Gets Groovy and Adds Spotify Music Sharing Feature

Don’t we just love it when two big companies collaborate to create something wonderful for their consumers? Recently only the biggest and baddest, infamous Facebook we all love and know joined up with Spotify to increase the already existing relationship that they have. While formally you could only connect with Spotify via Facebook and share post of what you were listening to, now they will be releasing the “very first music integration” into the messenger app.

If you make your way over to the messenger app for Facebook, inside of the more section you’ll see some changes have been made. All iOS and Android supporting software will now find a Spotify option. Tap that button and it’ll open up Spotify where you can choose what song, artist, playlist, etc. that you want to share with your friends. You can even choose what artwork you want! Then your friend will click the link and be brought into Spotify themselves to listen to the song.


Previously, Spotify did have an internal sharing feature where you could send it through Facebook messenger, SMS, email and more. However, now with this feature, you can skip out of the time it takes to close out of the messenger and find it on your home screen wherever you may have it located. Screenshots were also a very big way of sharing music names and titles, but with this feature we can save all that extra room on our hard drives by cutting out the useless photos that we don’t always need saved. It’ll come in handy when you use it and you’ll absolutely love it!

Source: TechCrunch

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