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Ghastly & Friends: 5 Must-Hear Collabs

Bass house producer Ghastly was one of Diplo’s latest friends to be featured on his “Diplo & Friends” radio show on BBC Radio 1. Originally from the great state of AZ (did you know he grew up on a goat farm?), Ghastly has been making waves in the EDM world with his wonderfully noisy tracks – and he’s made a lot of friends on his musical journey! From Jauz to Mija to Getter, some solid songs have been born as a result of these collaborations, each with their own distinct sound and vibe.

We’ve gathered up a few of Ghastly’s various collabs below – check it out:

Ghastly & Getter – “666!”

When you’ve combined the sounds of Getter and Ghastly, you’ll get exactly what you’d expect: a weird and womp-y future bass track that will definitely get you hype as you “feel the vibe.” Lots of screechy sounds -in a good way!- and some very fun Ghastly-style vocal samples make this a  (and if you’ve already gotten your tickets for Dirty Disco this May, you’ll luckily get to catch Getter as he says, “Suh Dude,” to Phoenix).

Ghastly & Goldplate – “Dogs In The House”

Last month Ghastly and Goldplate made some funky-fabulous beats together and brought us all “Dogs In The House.” This track features some of those lower tones that really resonate with a good pair of headphones or a killer sound system (and will be a lot of fun for your next door neighbors):

Ghastly & Brillz – “Hawt”

Ghastly & Brillz (remember him from this month’s Twonk Di Nation tour at the Pressroom?) are here to make it Hawt in your Lambo (dark blue) – even if your “Lambo” is a used Honda that your parents handed to you once you finally got a license. This is definitely a solid drop, complete with some solid faux-metallic sounds and engine-revving synths. Spoiler alert: the second drop is a breakdown that may just blow your mind.

Ghastly & Jauz – “Ghosts N Sharks”

Remember when we all lost our minds when we heard Deadmau5’s “Ghosts N Stuff” all those years ago? Ghastly & Jauz brought back those feels with their own unique collab and take on the track. “Ghosts N Sharks” is a little nostalgia and a whole lotta that bass house sound that you love.

Ghastly & Mija – “Crank It”

And last but most certainly not least, a collab from our favorite former-desert-dwelling DJs! This was a stand out track as soon as it hit the Soundcloud waves with its funky-fresh house-y beat and unexpected drop – plus, a vocal sample from Lil Jon never hurt anybody.

Which track is your favorite? Perhaps you’ll get to hear one or two (or all five!) of these tracks this April when #TheLightsReturn! That’s right – Ghastly will be here for Day 2 of Phoenix Lights Festival this year. Secure your tickets today at

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