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Finally, “Suh Dude” Is Now A Song

You can’t escape it: Suh Dude is everywhere. A simple Vine-turned-internet sensation -thanks to Nick Colletti and producer Getter – resulted in many a dank meme and even Suh Dude merchandise in Getter’s retail site. It was only a matter of time before the dubstep and trap producer recorded an ode to Suh Dude – titled, to no one’s surprise, “Suh Dude.” A potential bro-step anthem, this track does not disappoint those who are familiar with Getter’s heavy dubstep sound.

The track isn’t for the faint of heart, complete with aggressive drums, crunchy synths, and enough bass and distortion to scare your extended family members. “Suh Dude” seems to resonate with its intended audience with over 124,000 plays after only being live for 8 hours on Soundcloud. Listen to the track below:

Getter is signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label and has remixed a variety of artists including Jack Ü, Borgore, and Valentino Khan. He’s also produced many tracks for other artists and himself, including a side project last September entitled Planet NeutralThis May, you can see Getter for yourself right here in Phoenix for Dirty Disco! You can catch Getter along with Wasted Penguinz, Freedom Fighters, and Bryan Kearney at Rawhide. Mark your calendars for May 21st –  it’s going to be an event you most definitely won’t want to miss! Purchase tickets for Dirty Disco here.

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