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Mat Zo Releases His Long Awaited Album “Self Assemble”

Mat Zo is one of very few producers that rarely strays away from his signature sound. Unlike many Anjuna artists, he differs from the usual melodic trance or the steady darker sides of their deep house label, Anjuna Deep. Mat has always been true to his funky upbeat groove house roots and that’s what makes him one of my personal favorite producers around. After listening to his new album titled “Self Assemble” I can gladly say that it doesn’t disappoint. Having released a few early tracks to give us a taste, fans everywhere are eager to finally hear his full finished product.

One of those tracks, “Sinful,” featuring vocals from I See MONSTAS’ lead man Skaar, is typical Mat with funky house tones and happy upbeat vocals. The track had me moving and dancing all around town. This tune is going to make it to the top of many charts very soon.

But as I dove deeper into the album, I felt as if I was on a musical journey that was a constant experience from start to finish. The intro, titled “Order Out Of Chaos,” set the eerie stage for what felt like a different side of his musical palette, but lead into pure beauty as it took us into one of his unreleased tracks titled “The Enemy” featuring the beautiful vocal talent of Sinead Egan. A perfect way to start the journey off with funky bass lines and ghost like synths.

And like any good artists, Mat showed us the versatility of his musical spectrum with “Ruffneck Bad Boy”, definitely his most unique track on the album by far, he provides wubs!! This track is so diverse and perfectly put together that I believe any fan of EDM, regardless of genre, can find something that makes them move.

And as the musical voyage comes to an end, his final track on the album titled “The Last Transmission” takes soft, almost spiritual sounds and piano keys to give us a closure and comfort that our time with Mat Zo, while over for now, is sure to find it’s way back to our ears and heart again.

This album is by far my favorite of 2016 and is sure to be featured in many DJ sets in the months to come.

Download/Stream the album here!

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