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The Kid’s 3 Reasons You Should Stop Contemplating and Just Buy That Ticket!!!

Festival season is in full strength already. Loads of advertisements for hundreds of festivals appear all over our news feeds, friends are sharing posts talking about who is headlining where, and you of course want to go to ALL of them. You would much rather live at a festival than your home to be completely honest, I mean I don’t blame you who wouldn’t? Of course sadly, we live in reality, and in reality we don’t always get to do what we want all the time. There are multiple factors that could get in the way! Is it worth it to go to this festival over another? Do I have the money to set aside for this? What about the time? Should I buy tickets before the lineup is announced? However, over the course of the last few years, I’ve learned some reasons as to why you should really stop going back and forth and just buy that festival ticket even if the line up isn’t announced.

1. Money Reasons

We’re gonna start by talking about money, because money is the biggest factor when it comes to buying a festival ticket for most people I feel like. If you’re like most people, you probably buy your ticket within two weeks of the show. There’s another even larger portion of that group that buys their tickets within a week. However, during this time is also when tickets are most expensive. There’s usually five tiers to ticket sales of large festivals, sometimes even more, which means the price will go up five times. Sometimes tickets double in price by the end, or each tier they just go up $10-20 dollars every time. My point is that as time goes on, you’re losing money. So the solution? Buy your ticket when the early bird pricing comes out, and you will save yourself so much money! I know a lot of people don’t buy early bird tickets because they don’t know the line up yet, or what other of their friends are going, but how many times have you sat back and waited and then everyone decides to go last minute.

Lets do some cool math actually too! Lets say a ticket starts out at $100 and goes up $15 every tier. If it reaches the fourth tier by the second week and you buy your ticket then, you would’ve save yourself $60 if you had gotten the early bird! That’s already more than half of another festival at the early bird price!!! About 40% for those of you who can’t math. And even if you end up not going? You could still sell that ticket back to someone else and make money, for another festival!!! Saving money for a $100 ticket also sounds much more reasonable than $160 or even more. If you save $10 every week to buy your ticket, that’s already six weeks of work you are saving yourself! So money can seem difficult to attain to buy festival tickets, but I promise if you save your money and buy early, you can make all your dreams of living at festivals a reality.

2. Music Reasons

Once you’ve gotten over the money issue you are pretty much home free. So now we’re gonna go over what personally I think is the coolest, but on our list the second reason that you should just go and buy that ticket! MUSIC! Obviously, but did you know that artists will often times drop unreleased music that has never been heard before? Sometimes the music they play never even gets released. They tailor their sets at festivals to be completely unique and create an experience different from anything else out there right now, so why would you want to miss this? My point exactly, you don’t! So buy that ticket already!

3. Social Reasons

Possibly the other biggest factor at festivals that I know myself and thousands of other people enjoy so much, is the social factor. We as humans are social creatures. We love to explore, we are curious, we want to love and feel accepted, and we want to learn. Festivals provide this and more for us as well. They give us the opportunity to travel and meet new people. I know I’ve met people all across the United States and even around the world from going to festivals, it’s crazy. I’ve heard stories of triumph and heartbreak, riches and poors, good and bad. Hearing from all these people and having an open mind towards it makes me a better person in return as well. Which to me is priceless, you can’t put a money figure on the friends I’ve met and the memories I’ve made with even the most random of people. I don’t care how much money you put in front of that festival because to me, this is my home and I hope everyone else feels this way too when they come to any festival around the world.

So I hope I’ve given you guys enough reasons that will make you want to buy your festival tickets! I know they are expensive. I know they are timely. I know they don’t always have your favorite DJ. But regardless of any of those things, I know that you can come to any festival and you will have the time of your life even if you are by yourself, you’ll meet people there. Loads of people put incredible amounts of time to make these moments for us, and they should not be taken for granted because the when you step foot onto the festival grounds, you step foot at home.

If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out Phoenix Lights at this link here! Additionally if you ever do need help getting tickets, you can add me on Facebook here and I’ll deliver hard copies to you or help find someone in your area of Arizona to get you a copy!

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