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RBDeep In the Mix: Ben UFO @ Resident Advisor

Ben Thompson, a.k.a. Ben UFO is a DJ from the UK. He founded Hessle Audio with Pearson Sound and Pangaea in 2007. He is one of the few DJs in the UK to make a name for himself solely as a DJ, without having entered the world of production; he is known to have a gigantic library because of this reason. The styles and genres Ben usually play for his sets are minimal techno and deep house. This style is much more popular in Europe than in the US, so there weren’t many US appearances from the talented London based DJ. Ben had been spending a lot of his time in Japan in the last few months, since the style/genre recently became a storm on the Japanese dance floor. His first podcast mix for Resident Advisor was in 2010, and now he is back with his sophomore mix to help celebrate the 500th podcasts from the site. Check out Ben UFO’s mix for Resident Advisor.

“In 2010 it felt a lot more challenging playing a set consisting entirely of contemporary records than it does for me now, at a time where my focus as a club DJ is mostly on new music. As a result, when I was thinking about how best to approach this mix it felt right to try and look forward, and focus on mostly new and unreleased music”, Ben explained. With a different purpose, came a different approach by Ben, which is the main reason why this mix was chosen to be in this week’s RBDeep In the Mix. With the library and flexibility of a full-time DJ, Ben was able to not only change his track selection to newer and unreleased music, but also staying true to his style of minimal techno and down-tempo deep house. This 2-hour podcast mix is a chill house haven, filled to the brim with unreleased tracks. A few artists featured in this mix are Kowton, Neinzer, Greg Beato, Randomer, Shed, MM.

It had been a while but Ben UFO is finally on tour for North America again, and this time he is going to be supporting for the infamous Four Tet. They will be playing on May 11 at Monarch Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Looking forward to see these two talented artists for the first time.

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Source: Resident Advisor

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