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Straight Chillin: Kasbo Makes “Trap Queen” Cool Again

A long time ago in the year 2015, “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap was playing everywhere. People were showing off their receipt totals of $17.38 on Snapchat and Instagram and numerous articles came out debating the actual definition of a “Trap Queen.” And now here we sit in 2016, but Fetty Wap’s has not yet faded into the abyss: Swedish producer Kasbo has brought it back to life with a fresh new remix to brighten up your Soundcloud feed.

Lots of bright synths and fun xylophone-y sounds make this a sunny trap track you’re going to want to keep on repeat for awhile during these warm spring days in AZ. Long time Kasbo fans and newbies alike will find it hard to resist throwing this on their playlists – as if the original track wasn’t catchy enough, this Swedish electronic producer makes it smoother and brighter and it’ll be hard for electronic listeners to change the song once it starts playing. And why would you want to? It’s the perfect springtime windows-down sunglasses-on jam!

Check it out for yourself below:

Even better? It’s available for a free download! So head over to Soundcloud and add a new track to your Sunday brunch playlist right now.

Kasbo (real name Carl Garsbo) hails from Gothenburg and is best known for his track “World Away” which you are likely familiar with if you frequent the electronic genre. He also has an EP Umbrella Club that you can find on his Soundcloud. Kasbo’s already creating some crazy cool tracks and only at age nineteen – it’s clear he has tremendous potential and will definitely be going places! Catch him at Oregon this summer and What The Festival and who knows – maybe he’ll be able to make a stop in Phoenix sometime later this year!

Connect with Kasbo: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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