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RB Weekend Preview: Saturday is Packed with a Trifecta of “Somethings” To Do

Here’s to a whole new kind of trifecta and cheers to it being just for your weekend – Oliver Heldens, Neckbreaker Tour, and K-Fed. Honestly, sometimes our biggest struggle is (Hold on and bear with me, here we go on some real first world problems for ya) deciding if we even have it in us to actually do something by the time we make it through our week and see that by some exceptional circumstances, we are free and able to make plans for the weekend. If, by any means, we give ourselves the usual run of a pep talk convincing ourselves or our crew that we do really and really want to get ourselves out of the house and into a social setting…Bam. We have our next dilemma, “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO GUYS?”.

We’re Relentless Beats though, what do you think we are here for? We’ve got you. We didn’t just want you to have something to do, because we wanted you to knock yourselves out with a trifecta of “somethings” to do. Well ladies and gentleman, buckle yourselves in because I present to you Relentless Beats’ trifecta of events for your weekend, so consider your Saturday fully covered.

To start your Saturday off, there is nothing better than the beckoning of a lot of Deep House and the humorous personality who’s got some phenomenal shuffling skills that he’ll love to grace you with – the one and only Oliver Heldens. It’s Arizona: there is plenty of sun, more than enough heat, and a hell of a lot of places to pretend like we can handle it and have fun. Take on the heat while Oliver Heldens brings the heat at Talking Stick Resort for another one of our Release Pool Parties. You can start the party with us as early as 11 AM and go until 7 PM.

But by then, only more decisions must be made (Or please, seriously do all three, teach me your ways, & let me know how you managed to pull it off). We have something to suit everybody’s wants, needs, and styles. Head on into Salt Tacos Y Tequila, because what’s a better combination to have than that, and kick it with your boy K-Fed! Good food, good environment, good company.

But if you’re feeling a tad bit more rambunctious than that, come on over to Monarch Theatre and break yo’ neck with the your boys on the Neckbreaker Tour – Dirtyphonics, Funtcase, and Habstrakt!

There is no going wrong with these plans here. So plan accordingly, buy your tickets, and cannot wait to see you all of your beautiful faces out this weekend!

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